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About the Book

A Modest Silence is an exotic tale with conflict, suspense, innocence, budding love, and determination amid chaos. Gaby, a young girl born to Sephardic Jews and raised in Egypt during the reign and subsequent abdication of King Farouk, meets Simon Mahoney, an American diplomat. They fall head-over-heels for one another. But Claude, a handsome and wealthy lad, is clearly her mother’s preference.

As revolution threatens and the Egyptian Army assumes power, Gaby’s father is falsely accused of defaming the new regime and is confined indefinitely in a detention camp. A general exodus of all Europeans is imminent, presenting Gaby with painful decisions balancing parents, career, love, and religion. She receives three proposals of marriage, each demanding great sacrifice.

What does all of this portend for her future? Will she overcome the strain of conflicting events?